School Improvement Team

Blue Ridge Elementary has an active School Improvement Team (SIT) that meets every second Thursday of the month during the school year.  Each year this team, along with the grade levels or areas they represent, develops our School Improvement/Title 1 Plan and Parent Involvement Plan, allocates our Title 1 budget, and reviews our progress toward meeting school, district, and statewide targets.  The SIT members for 2023-2024 are:

School Improvement Team Members

Mark Young - Principal

Lisa Taylor - Assistant Principal

Emily Adams - Academic Coach

Victoria Chastain - Kindergarten

Kaitlyn Chastain - First Grade

Megan Orton - Second Grade

Ashley Tamberino - Third Grade

Jill Kendall - Fourth Grade

Kelly Castro - Fifth Grade

Laura Babcock - Special Education

Barbara King - PTO/STEAM

Jill Pierce - Paraprofessional

Chris Parker - Media Specialist

Trista Ragsdale - School Counselor

Holly Ross - Parent Liaison

School Improvement Plan