BRES Spring Fundraiser

Blue Ridge Elementary is excited to announce that we are selling MoonPies for the Spring Fundraiser. There are several ways to support our school and this fundrasier:

  • Order through a BRES student or contact
  • If you are only interested in sending pies to US soldiers, follow this link to the bottom of the page to order online.BRES Online Payment System

MoonPie Variety and Prices:

  • Mini 12 Count (Mint, Chocolate, Banana, or Vanilla) $8
  • Regular Single Decker 12 Count (Chocolate, Banana or Vanilla) $12
  • Double Decker 9 Count (Chocolate, Banana or Vanilla) $15
  • Patriotic Pies: 36 Pies to US Soldiers for $25
  • Patriotic Pies: 72 Pies to US Soldiers for $50